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Does God hear my prayers? Does God tune in to my prayers? For what reason why doesn’t god answer my prayers if God is tuning in to me?

I’m certain in any event one time in your life, you have asked yourself or another person these three inquiries or inquiries thusly. I realize I’ve asked myself these inquiries a few times for an amazing duration until one day I got an answer profound inside my spirit where God lives. Indeed, God hears and tunes in to our prayers. In the event that God hears and tunes in to our prayers, at that point for what reason doesn’t he answer them? More often than not we don’t see the master plan of how prayers truly work. At the point when we want to send our prayers to God we as a rule don’t have the best vantage point. What I mean by that is we don’t perceive how our prayers sway our lives and others lives too. We keep an eye on just observing things from our point of view, which happens to be the smaller picture. The master plan is that we are altogether profound creatures who are interconnected with one another and every prayer that one individual has affects another person in God’s bigger arrangement.

At times individuals should be set up to get their solutions to their prayers. At the point when we put forth the individual attempt to settle ourselves up and put ourselves into “Get Mode” at that point we are better ready to get what the Lord has for us. Now and again we make ambiguous prayers and should be more explicit in what we need God’s help with. On the off chance that you need assistance with your accounts, don’t simply say, “I need cash”. Be explicit, state, “Ruler directs me to somebody or some spot where I can get my monetary gift that you have coming up for me.” Sometimes our prayers won’t be addressed on the grounds that there are exercises for you and additionally another person to learn.

For instance, say there is an exercise in empathy that you have to gain from a person who is as of now in your life. God’s objective for you and another person in this relationship is for all of you to figure out how to be more empathetic towards all who run into you. Regardless of whether this relationship is sentimental or cordial is unessential. Sooner or later you arrive at where you feel the relationship has filled its need and you feel there isn’t anything good left to contribute in the relationship with this person. So what do you do? You prayer God and express, “It’s an ideal opportunity to proceed onward from this individual and please manage me on how I ought to continue.” Time passes by and you feel that God has not addressed your prayer. You see from God’s vantage point, God can’t answer your prayer until the individual you were involved with learns their exercise in sympathy similarly as you have.

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